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  1. All relevant information must be given to Highland Cats (HC) prior to boarding. This includes significant, medical, behavioral, or dietary issues.
  2. Vaccination cards must be presented on arrival and show vaccinations as current and ADMINISTERED BY A VET AT LEAST 15 DAYS IN ADVANCE of boarding. Failure to comply may result in cancellation of the booking at any time. It is the customer’s responsibility to advise the vet that their cat will be boarding to avoid any misunderstanding.
  3. Flea treatment, with a vet advised product is mandatory for all cats . Cats not treated (for health reasons (and covered by a letter from vet)) may be boarded at owner’s own risk with acceptance of liability for any costs that may arise.
  4. All medications must be in original packaging with vet instructions and cat’s name and dosage visible. At least 3 days additional medication should be provided as back up.
  5. Belongings brought to and from the cattery for a cat will be at the owner’s own risk. If left behind they must be reclaimed within 21 days
  6. HC must be advised if a cat is not permitted to play with  cattery toys (please ask for details).
  7. Appointment times are allocated by HC but may be changed with the agreement of HC. Missed appointments will incur a penalty charge.
  8. Cattery accommodation allocated is at the discretion of HC.
  9. Cats must be brought to and from the cattery in an individual, secure carrier and not  opened until arrival at the allocated apartment. HC are happy to assist in carrying cat carriers but we cannot accept any responsibility for faulty carriers or accidents in transportation.
  10. HC will be authorized by the owner, indicated by signature on the Check In Form to speak to a vet about a cat whilst it is boarding at HC and sanction any action recommended as immediately necessary, by the vet, if the owner can not be contacted in time.
  11. An emergency contact must be provided  to assist in locating the owner, if required. The emergency contact will also be authorized to (a) represent the owner if they can not be located (b) collect the cat in the event of  (i) serious illness/ other emergency at the cattery or (ii) quarantine (owner or cattery). If collection is not possible the owner accepts that the cat may be required to  in the event of (i) be transferred to another local cattery or (ii) stay at the cattery until the end of quarantine.
  12. HC work with Crown Vets (CV). If appropriate CV will speak to cat’s own vet, prior to any treatment being undertaken. CV will also be consulted should HC experience any difficulty in giving essential medication ,and boarding may be transferred to CV, at owner’s cost, if in the cat’s best interest..
  13. HC has appropriate boarding insurance cover, limited only by the terms set by the insurer. Pre-existing conditions, known or unknown, are not covered. Customers should notify HC if they have any concerns about their pet’s welfare, within 24 hours of departure.
  14. A person, other than the owner, collecting a cat must carry identification that matches the details given to HC.
  15. Should a cat not be collected (and with no communication with HC), 7 days after the expected departure date,  it will be considered abandoned. Costs until the cat is re-homed, will remain the responsibility of the owner.
  16. Cats from one household, booked to share an apartment, may be separated at the owner’s cost, if the cats are, in HC’s opinion, unable to share.
  17. HC has permission, unless specifically advised otherwise, to use photos of guest cats on their Facebook page. Names will only added once the cat has gone home.
  18. Every measure will be taken to ensure the safekeeping of a cat, but it must be accepted that in boarding cats in unfamiliar surroundings accidents, illness or other unforeseen incidents, beyond HC’s control, may occur, on an extremely rare occasion.
  19. Where owners have specific requirements with regards to their cat’s care in illness or death, details must be given to HC in a sealed envelope at time of arrival.
  20. Payment must be received 3 weeks in advance, or within 72 hours of a late booking being accepted. Payment confirms the booking and signifies acceptance of HC’s terms and conditions. Failure to pay on time could put the booking at risk of being considered cancelled
  21. Cancellation is possible, with no penalty, up to 11 days (or 72 hours from acceptance of late booking) prior to boarding. Once boarding commences no refunds are possible
  22. Terms and conditions and cancellation policy on the HC website supersede those printed elsewhere and the version current at the start of boarding will apply