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    Returning customers are welcome to use the button above to make  an online booking, confirm availability or add your request to our Waiting List.  Please remember :


    • Reception is by appointment only, 6 days a week  in the morning between 08.30 – 10.45. Please indicate roughly what time you would prefer and we will allocate the nearest possible appointment time.
    • Closed Sunday – your booking will be rejected by the system if an arrival or departure date is a Sunday.  Please either opt for Saturday or Monday. It is fine to arrange for someone else to pick up the cats for you, if you prefer.
    • Unusual requests e.g. out of hours may be easier to resolve by phone/ text/ email. However there is certainly space on the on line booking form to request small adaptations .
    • Dates showing as unavailable?  We may be approaching capacity, or perhaps  you  have chosen a Sunday or includes a date that the cattery is closed. If “full” the booker will give you the option to add your details to our waiting list. Please  accept this option and/or call us directly so we can double check availability for you as sometimes (though not always) us humans can work some magic.


    If you are a new customer, have specific questions or just prefer to book by phone, email or text then we look forward to hearing from you. Likewise please contact us if you are driving from outwith the area and need to drop off or collect as part of an onward journey




    Appointments are available 6 mornings a week (excluding Sunday) as follows:   08.30 ;  08.45 ;  09.00; 09.15 ;   09.30;  09.45 ;  10.00;  10.15;  10.30 ; 10.45.    In addition 08.15 (for arrival only).  may be available by special request.



    16 November – 15 December 2022

    17 January – 1 March