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    If you are a returning customer, you are welcome to use the button above to make  an online booking, confirm availability or add your request to our Waiting List.  We will  keep you advised via a sequence of messages on the progress of your booking, with final acceptance by email with your dates, appointment times, the cost and a confirmed booking reference.

    Please be aware of the following points when booking:

    • Reception appointments are only available in the morning. Please indicate what time you would prefer. We will allocate the nearest possible appointment time.
    • Sunday morning is only available, if essential. Appointments “d”, “e” and “f” may be requested. Please be advised there is a small out of hours charge.
    • Out of Hours may be available at other limited times, please ask. A charge will apply dependent on the time/ day (no availability on a Saturday).
    • If you wish to upgrade to Dibble Lodge or The Gatehouse please put a note on your booking to that effect. We will check availability and confirm.
    • If your dates show as unavailable you will be given the option you to add your details to our waiting list. Please do this so we can double check availability for you.


    If you are a new customer, have specific questions or just prefer to book by phone, email or text then we look forward to hearing from you. Likewise please contact us if you are driving from outwith the area and have to drop off or collect as part of an onward journey



    The following arrival and departure appointments are available 6 days a week. Out of Hours appointments on a Sunday, available in essential circumstances, are limited to “d”, “e” and “f”.


    a      08.30  – 08.40

    b     08.50 – 09.00     

    c     09.10 – 09.20 

    d     09.30 – 09.40 (default)    

    e    09.50 – 10.00

        10.10 – 10.20

    g    10.30 -10.40