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  • Check Availability and submit a booking request.


    Please note that we are unable to confirm requests for boarding dates between 25 November – 16 January 2021 – until September 2020. However at that time we will give priority consideration to any boarding requests on the waiting list. This can be accessed using the booking button. The cattery will be closed, as normal, in late January/ February 2021.

    If you have booked with us since 2019 you can use the  online booking checker to confirm if  accommodation is available for your dates, submit a booking request or add your request to our Waiting List.  We will  keep you advised via a sequence of emails on the progress of your booking, with final acceptance confirmed by receipt of a booking number.

    Please also note that, as part of our Covid-19 measures, arrival and departures are limited to the morning unless you are driving from outwith the area and wishing to drop off or collect as part of an onward journey. The default reception time when booking is 09.00,  for morning reception ( 17.00 for afternoon) but as part of our confirmation process we will ask you to choose a 10 minute appointment time within a range of 08.50 – 10.10.  There is a £12 discount for morning departure as long as the boarding invoice exceeds our seasonal minimum. You may also wish to add a note of any special requests and check your details (particularly email address) are still current.


    Please call or email so that we may guide you through your first booking.


  • Click here or the button below to see information and forms that are available to those with a current booking at Highland Cats.  Please enter the customer code sent with your booking acknowledgement when prompted.

    Click here to see information and forms