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Relax and enjoy
  • Highland Cats provides the best of everything for that perfect, relaxed, comfortable holiday:

    * Meals

    Premium food (Kibble choice includes Purina , Science Plan, RC Digestive, RC Exigent, JWb and Whiskas and wet food wise Sheba   Felix and Gourmet), It is always served fresh, in clean bowls, twice a day with fresh water (changed every day) in special non spill bowls. We are delighted though to serve own food, if preferred.

    * Accommodation

    Beds (and there is at least one more bed than there is guest, in each apartment!) are cosy and comfy with lots of fresh blankets provided for a blissful nap and all the shelves have freshly laundered deep mats. All apartments are en-suite with premium clumping litter (cleaned many times a day) in giant litter trays (one per cat). The cattery is kept spotlessly clean.

    * Facilities

    Each of our apartments have a distinctive feel, designed to provide plenty of different areas to explore or to rest in.  For interest, beyond what is happening outside the window, there is a selection of balls , a chase toy, a catnip toy , scratching facilities, climbing/ exploring options, a Mini Bar and a Massage Brush. And each night guests enjoy their own wee laser dot show for 10 minutes before bed time, if they like that.

    * Special Care

    Guests are visited lots of times a day so there is plenty of interaction. including one to one care, attention and cuddles (if accepted) or just a chat with us, if preferred. The longer the stay the more we can get to know our guest’s likes and dislikes and tailor their holiday to suit them.

    * Individual touches

    We like to exceed expectation and are always adding to the services and facilities we offer. Latest details can be found elsewhere under the “Welcome” tab “Latest News”.

  • The boarding experience at Highland Cats includes many extras including spacious apartments with lots of levels and heated bed spaces, lots of freshly laundered mats and beds, quality food, deep litter trays filled with superior clumping litter (all scooped at least 4 times a day), toys, mini bars, massage brushes and humans ready and willing to wait on their guests hand and foot. We offer King Suites as standard.

  • Essential Information

    • Vaccinations – all cats MUST have their annual vaccinations up to date. New first course or restarts must be completed at least 2 weeks before arrival. Vaccination cards are brought with guests (and kept during their stay).
    • Flea Treatments – guests MUST be up to date with vet recommended treatment.  Worming treatment also required to be current
    • Insurance – guests are covered by the cattery insurance policy during their stay (up to 30 days) and for 30 days afterwards as long as their condition is not pre-existing.
    • Vets – we never hesitate to consult a vet and will, where possible, always consult your own vet.
    • Medication – most can be administered at no charge. There is a small charge for giving medication outside of normal hours including diabetic injections.
    • Cat carriers – each cat MUST be securely contained in its own individual cat carrier for arrival and departure. Carriers are kept on site during boarding.
    • Payment – is normally by bank transfer only and requires to be paid 3 weeks ahead of boarding. We accept cash by prior arrangement.
    • Cancellation/ amendments  by text, email, phone. The more notice that can be given is appreciated. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and information on the “Prices” page for further details of our policy