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  1. Information about our guests. Highland Cats Country Retreat expects that all relevant information in relation to your cat including significant medical issues; behavioural issues; dietary issues; current medication; current vaccination status and latest flea treatment date; will be given .
  2. Older/ Unwell Cats. In the case where a cat is 14 years or older (or suffers a limiting medical condition)  guidance will be provided on what action should be taken in the case of unexpected /serious illness or deterioration.
  3. Insurance The insurance cover provided by Highland Cats insurer provides cover as long as a) any condition/injury is not pre-existing and b) treatment is normally concluded within 30 days of an incident. For longer stay cats we will extend the insurance cover at our cost.
  4. Standard of Care. Highland Cats may take any action that, in their opinion, is necessary to ensure the correct care of a cat in their care.. Any appropriate costs involved in this care, not covered by normal boarding fees or Highland Cats’ insurance, will be the owner’s responsibility. Although Highland Cats will take every measure possible to ensure the safe keeping of their guests, owners must accept that in dealing with animals in unfamiliar surroundings, accidents or unforeseen incidents, out with the control of the staff, may occur on an extremely rare occasion.
  5. Sharing accommodation. Where cats are sharing accommodation owners must make Highland Cats aware of any difficulties/ requirements and be confident that the animals will share comfortably. However if in the opinion of Highland Cats they are not suited to sharing then they will be separated, space permitting, at the owners’ cost.
  6. Vaccinations must be up to date and any vaccinations due must be administered at least 2 weeks before boarding.
  7. Fleas. Cats must be appropriately treated for fleas. It is recommended that they are also treated for ticks and worms. Cats discovered to have fleas will be further treated and the cost of this treatment and any additional cleaning costs (e.g. proprietary flea treatment of suite once vacated) will be chargeable to the owner
  8. CANCELLATION POLICY– Customers are not liable for boarding costs if a booking is cancelled 6 days or more ahead of boarding. Cancellation 1-5 days ahead will incur a cancellation fee of £60 (or whole booking cost if less). Cancellation within 24 hours  incurs a cancellation fee of £120 (or full cost, if less). In each case any balance will be refunded by cheque.
  9. BOOKING ADJUSTMENTS – Bookings may be modified at any time. Adjustments made to boarding dates/times, less than 24 hours ahead of boarding will be refunded a balance remaining in excess of £80. Additional boarding costs resulting from a change to a booking will always apply.
  10. Failure to collect. Cats that are not collected at the agreed time (whether at time of booking or by subsequent notification) will be charged full cost up to 14 days. Thereafter the animals will be treated as abandoned and may be re-homed. All costs will be the responsibility of the owners.
  11. Notification of ill health after boarding. Any concerns should be advised within 36 hours of departure.